26 Sep, 22

Health and Safety Signage within the Construction Industry

Health and Safety signage within the construction industry is vital and safety signs are displayed on sites to convey a coherent Health and Safety message. If the safety signage displayed within a construction site is not understood, this can result in losing your life or losing your job. Therefore, it is very evident to see the importance of Health and Safety signage within the construction industry. There are various types of Safety signage within the construction industry, which we will explain in this article.

Health and Safety signage is situated everywhere on construction sites, such as on the site hoarding, entrances, and various other locations throughout the construction site. I am sure if you work on a construction site or have even just walked or drove past a site you have probably seen some of these signs. Health and Safety signage is on sites for a reason, they are no put up for décor, and the colours of the signs are not just a coincidence. Therefore, every Health and Safety sign has a meaning, and the different colours portray a different message. They are all vibrant and bright in colour, and come in colours such as yellow, green, red, and blue. There is no doubt that these important – and legally required – signs in construction sites portray crucial information and convey awareness about the hazards on the site that must be treated with obedience and caution.

Knowing exactly what construction site Health and Safety signs mean is paramount as they could be instructing you to do something or warning you about a certain danger. If you don’t understand the signs and don’t follow the instruction you could get seriously injured or worse. All Health and Safety signage must abide by The Health and Safety Regulations.

The Types of Health and Safety Signage on construction sites:

Prohibition Signs

Usually found at the entrance to most construction sites and usually has the text, “No unauthorised access”. All prohibition sights consist of a red circle with a crossbar and are on a white background. Prohibited signs are utilised when a certain action is not allowed on the premises.

Warning Signs

These exist to make you aware of a danger. Warning signs consist of a solid yellow upward pointing triangle with a black border. Any writing or text is also yellow or black.

Exterior & Health/Safety Signage

Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

Let you know exactly where the fire equipment is located. These signs are red in colour but are square in order to distinguish between them and prohibition signs. Fire Fighting Signs are red and rectangular in shape white a white symbol or/and lettering.

Fire Safety Signs Northern Ireland

Mandatory Signs

The exact opposite of a prohibition sign. Mandatory signs tell you what you must do instead of what you must not do. Mandatory Signs consist of a solid blue circle with a white symbol and sometimes may have white writing also.

 Safe Condition Signs

These are known to be the opposite of a warning sign. This is because instead of warning about danger, safe condition signs are directing you to a safe place. These types of signs usually have a solid green square with a white symbol or what white text and a symbol.



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